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Ezekiel has developed a number of themed master class sessions

master_classA a regular dance lecturer at NAFA,  and guest lecturer at LASALLE in Singapore.  He has also led workshops at international dance festivals in Italy and the U.K teaching contemporary dance master class on the following subjects: dance technique, floor work, dance composition and improvisation as well as contact improvisation.  Ezekiel creates choreography with undergraduates from the dance schools around Singapore  and professional dancers, themed master class varies according to the company and choreographer that Ezekiel works with.

He is currently the Associate Artist with Maya Dance Theatre and therefore his master class is tailored for dancers that work within contemporary dance, as well Asian traditional dance forms such as  Bharatanatyam. Exploring rhythms and concepts from one another, in the studio, the dancers investigate their potential in performance.

The focus on a master class is always to develop experienced dancers 

Optimising performance skills. In a master class format,  the focus is in growing dance repertoire that challenges the dancers both intellectually as thinking agents for dance as well as physically,  prior dance training and performance experience is necessary to relate to the depth of the inquiry. Ezekiel crosses over a series of dance repertoire from current and previous productions, always allowing space for a new dance to arise from the collective of dancers. An avid improviser, Ezekiel teaches specific skills such has upside-down dance material, floor work sequences and partner work. The class is very much inspired by release technique,  weight sharing, fast shifts across space and transitioning levels from upright to upside-down. As a key theatre collaborator, Ezekiel is very much interested in growing expressive skills in dancers that go beyond dance training and dab into the theatrical world.

Ezekiel has taught his master class to a wide range of dancers in Singapore,he was a guest dance teacher for World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific in 2015 as well as different professional dance companies such as Frontier Danceland, T.H.E. Dance Company, T.H.E Second Company  and more recently Maya Dance Theatre.