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Creative Dance Residencies

FiveLines is committed to working closely with the national curriculum in Singapore through our outreach program as a means to develop audiences for dance. We develop creative dance residencies in the local and international schools where students are invited to understand the creative process of making contemporary dance, culminating in a performance.

We have successfully delivered our creative dance residencies to the following schools in Singapore including UWCSEA, TTS, Nexus, SJII and OFS.

Our programmes have been delivered by Ezekiel Oliveira and guest professional dance artists, providing insight into creative methodologies to make a dance. We believe in the invaluable knowledge of professional dance artists and we work very closely with schools developing creative dance residencies where this knowledge can be passed on and explored with both faculty and students.

We have worked in the past with children from all ages, from infant to high school and in a variety of dance contexts such as the black box, studio, site specific and research workshop.

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Our residencies are also excellent professional development for both drama and dance faculties as we exchange expertise in the studio, advancing the ongoing curriculum or creating a dance festival. Ezekiel Oliveira consulted for a variety of dance faculties in Singapore, advancing the dance curriculum.

Our Creative Dance Residencies becomes our natural extension into the community – expanding the audiences for dance, in a creative and engaging environment.

  • Bringing contemporary dance to schools
  • Developing residencies where students are invited to understand the creative process of making contemporary dance. The residencies can be scheduled for an agreed period within the regular curriculum.
  • Showcasing the talent and work at the end of each term, presenting work choreographed by a dance artist in collaboration with the students.
  • Enabling students to think and act creatively in a contemporary dance framework.