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5L – Junior Dance (7+) | Kids Dance Classes

Junior Dance – a creative contemporary kids dance class for boys and girls, an environment for young people who have shown an interest in dance, movement or acrobatics.

Each week the students of 5L – Junior Dance Company will, in this nurturing environment experience the endless creative possibilities of contemporary dance – Parkour, upper body skills through choreography and rehearsals, working towards termly scheduled performances.

The session is two hours long and includes a warm-up, creative dance games, development of dance material with the input of the students, rehearsal and preparation for performances.

Performances are optional, according to the schedule of students, the main focus on this sessions is to nurture the young students into contemporary dance, allowing one all to have input in the choreography, thus enabling the creative aspects of dance. In this class we also import material from acrobatics into the dance class, teaching different handstands, cartwheels and movement material that excites children.

Open ability for ages 7 years to 13 years

Junior Dance

  • Classes are held at The Substation studio, Armenian Street
  • Two-hour session once a week
  • Thursday from 4.30 pm-6.30 pm
  • Contemporary dance technique – 1 hour
  • Development and rehearsal of a new piece of choreography in preparation for our performances in Singapore – 1 hour
  • For further information and registration, please contact us on  admin@fivelines.asia

Creative Director & Programme Leader

Renowned dance artist  Ezekiel Oliveira, a master of floor work-technique, contact improvisation and double work. Ezekiel has been teaching  contemporary dance class for many years; he is also a choreographer and creative producer. He collaborated with world-class choreographers;  Stephan Koplowitz, Balbir Singh, Hofesh Schechter and Fleur Darkin (Scottish Dance Theatre). More recently Ezekiel choreographed Skin- A Choreographic Response for Singapore Art Museum and is also one of the mentors for MOVE with Maya Dance Theatre as well as a dance lecturer at NAFA.