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Dance Classes in Singapore for students of all ages. FiveLines offers contemporary dance classes in Singapore, from the ages of 7 years up to our teens and pre- professional dance classes, adult beginners contemporary dance lessons and masterclasses for undergraduates as well as professional dance companies.

We provide dance classes in Singapore at our dance studio at The Substation, workshops and Creative Dance Residencies for schools.

Dance Outreach delivers dance classes in Singapore and workshops led by professional dance artists. The team’s focus is to create dance lessons with and for people that have a real passion for dancing and being creative, inventive and imaginative.

Weekly dance classes in Singapore.

Our weekly classes take place at The Substation, and we work with a variety of students from beginners contemporary dance for adults, teenagers dance classes with regular performances and creative dance classes for children as young as seven years old.

Class fees are due termly in advance, with the exception of adults Dance Lab that has two fee structures, payable weekly or per term, please reference our administration page for full information.

Dance Classes in Singapore Schedule.

5 L Dance Company classes (13+)
The 5L Dance Company advances young dancers who wish to further their skills before they enter a formal full-time education in dance, and people engaged in serious dance training for personal development – Key: programme commitment.
Mastering dance training with our 5L Dance classes every Monday and preparing students for a rich future of dance at Universities across Europe and performing in Singapore every year. We have successfully coached students for different dance faculties in both the U.K. and Spain, and we keep our relationships ongoing once our students leave Singapore to further their training.
Monday 5.15-6.45pm.

Dance Lab (18+) beginners contemporary dance class for adults
Dance Lab is a contemporary dance class open to everyone interested in exploring contemporary dance choreography and creative work in the dance studio. No previous experience is necessary; the open class has been tailored for a beginners level to accommodate everyone’s desire to dance, working on fitness levels while embarking on a creative journey through movement and specific core exercises alongside choreography.
Wednesday 7-8pm.

5L – Junior Dance (7+)
Junior Dance – a creative contemporary junior dance class for boys and girls, the perfect setting for young people who have shown an interest in dance, movement, acrobatics and working creatively with like-minded children.
Each week the students of 5L – Junior Dance Company will, in this nurturing environment facing the endless imaginative and creative possibilities of contemporary dance – Parkour, upper body skills through choreography and rehearsals, working towards termly scheduled performances for parents and friends at our studio at The Substation.
Thursday 4.30-6.30pm.

Dance classes in Singapore, Creative Residencies and workshops are provided either, against a set curriculum or may be developed to meet precise specifications to support a school’s current activities.
Throughout the last two years, we have successfully engaged with Universities in Singapore, local schools as well as International Schools – choreographing small and large pieces of choreography with students from A-Level, IB, IGCSE and Diploma Levels.

We partner regularly with schools in Singapore developing training for drama and dance teachers, enriching the curriculum with innovative ideas and approaches to making contemporary dance choreography accessible to both educators and students at large.

With pre-professional and professional company placements, a proposal will be provided to establish the scope and associated service fees.

Dance classes Singapore are delivered by Ezekiel Oliveira a master of floor work-technique, contact improvisation and double work.
Ezekiel has been teaching contemporary dance classes for many years; he is also a choreographer, creative producer and a dance writer documenting contemporary dance in Singapore on this blog.

An active member of the dance community in Singapore, he divides his time between seeing contemporary dance work, reviewing dance performances and interviewing choreographers and dance artists from local dance companies and the international dance artists that visit Singapore to present performances. Promoting and discussing choreography across Singapore.

Ezekiel has collaborated with world-class choreographers; Stephan Koplowitz, Balbir Singh, Hofesh Schechter and Fleur Darkin (Scottish Dance Theatre). More recently Ezekiel choreographed Skin- A Choreographic Response for Singapore Art Museum. #HAZESingapore commissioned by Maya Dance Theatre for City Lights.
In 2016 he became an associate artist with Maya Dance Theatre and choreographed VENT for Release 5.0
A lecturer at NAFA since 2015 he specialises in movement and dance, splitting his work across the dance and theatre faculties teaching Contact Improvisation and Upper Body Skills as well as Laban Movement Analyses.

In April 2016 he presented ONWARDS for Crossings at Lee Foundation Theatre, as a guest Choreographer in Residency with NAFA Dance Faculty. ONWARDS is a visual essay on the subject of Hope – articulating an abstract movement language in which the dancers explore different approaches to hope, building as well as destroying emotional states that become a common language to the ensemble.