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Dance Classes in Singapore for students of all ages.

FiveLines offers contemporary dance classes in Singapore, from the ages of 8 years up to our teens and pre- professional dance classes, adult beginners contemporary dance lessons and masterclasses for undergraduates as well as professional dance companies.

We provide dance classes in Singapore at our dance studio at The Substation. Dance Outreach delivers dance classes in Singapore and workshops led by professional dance artists. The team’s focus is to create dance lessons with and for people that have a real passion for dancing and being creative, inventive and imaginative.

Weekly dance classes in Singapore.

Our weekly classes take place at The Substation, and we work with a variety of students from beginners contemporary dance for adults, teenagers dance classes with regular performances and creative dance classes for children as young as seven years old. Class fees are due termly in advance.

Open Level Contemporary Dance Class | Tuesday 5.15-6.45

If you’re looking for a contemporary dance experience in a supportive environment that will challenge you at your own pace, a love for kinesthetic flow and physical creativity – this will be the right class for you.

Our contemporary dance classes get you moving, going upside down, falling off balance, and back in control again. Designed to get you in touch with your own groove, you will strengthen your body awareness by understanding movement patterns, challenging coordination skills and musicality, and getting to move more freely.

These contemporary dance classes will challenge your core, your body’s dynamic alignment, and increase the articulation of your spine, hands, and feet. Besides increasing your movement range, dancing increases your expressivity through honing physical precision, mental focus and spatial/collective awareness. It is also, fundamentally, great fun!

The contemporary dance classes are held at an open level, developing strength, mind-body connection and energy efficiency for people and dancers at every stage.

Limited slots with special rates for professional performing artists. Please email to enquire. berniceleelly@gmail.com

Junior Dance Company Class | Thursday 4.30-6.30

Junior Dance – a creative contemporary kids dance class for boys and girls, an environment for young people who have shown an interest in dance, movement or acrobatics.

Each week the students Junior Dance Company will, in this nurturing environment, experience the endless creative possibilities of contemporary dance – floorwork, leaps and turns, gestures, going upside down. Through learning and making choreography, classes will be working towards studio-based performances.

The session is two hours long and includes a warm-up, creative dance games, development of dance material with the input of the students, rehearsal and preparation for performances.

Performances are optional, according to the schedule of students. The main focus is to nurture the young students into contemporary dance, allowing one and all to have input in the choreography material, thus encouraging their creative confidence, enabling their own dance to be shown and shared. In this class we also use acrobatic and partnering material, teaching different handstands, cartwheels and movement material that excite children.

Open ability for ages 8 to 13 years

  • Two-hour session once a week
  • Thursday from 4.30 pm-6.30 pm
  • Contemporary dance technique – 1 hour
  • Development and rehearsal of a new piece of choreography – 1 hour

To resgister for class please email Bernice Lee berniceleelly@gmail.com

Bernice Lee is a dance artist from and in Singapore. 

As a professional dancer, she has danced for local companies Maya Dance Theatre (2014-2017) and Frontier Danceland (2012-2014). As part of Maya Dance Theatre’s main creative team, performed and collaborated in dance theatre works directed by Kavitha Krishnan and guests including Danang Pamungkas (Indonesia), Janis Brenner (USA), Olivier Tarpaga (Burkina Faso/USA), Rachel Ogle (Australia) and Rianto (Indonesia/Japan). With Maya, she traveled widely while training intensively in Bharathanatyam, Taichi, Indonesian and contemporary dance forms. Amongst other roles, she danced as Joan of Arc in PANCHA. At Frontier Danceland, she danced in repertoire by local and guest choreographers, including Matej Kejzar (Belgium/Slovenia), Noa Zuk (Israel), Ole Khamchanla (France/Laos), and Christina Chan (Singapore). She continues to work with both companies.

A choreographer, an associate member at Dance Nucleus, and a lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts and NAFA, she has worked as dramaturgy assistant for Shahar Binyamini in his creation for Frontier Danceland (PARADISO , 2018). Bernice most recently performed her solo “Ghosting: Indelible in the Hippocampus” at M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, and had her directorial debut in Happy Waiting.

Bernice is the co-director of Derring-Do Dance, with longtime collaborator Faye Lim. Derring-Do Dance was founded upon the belief in contemporary dance as a radical way for every person to experience the creative, emotional and social capacities of their bodies. We are well-known for Rolypoly Family and Body Smarts Through Movement Arts. 

Bernice holds a B.F.A. from The Ohio State University (2010), during which she studied on exchange at the Laban Centre (UK). She was supported by National Arts Council and the International Buckeye Scholarship. For more information, visit bernicelee.xyz