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Curatorial – 2016/17

Curatorial platform accesses new dance work 

Blitz is Ezekiel’s latest collaboration with the dance faculty at NAFA. He is interested in poetic movement and he is fascinated by the power of unison and the ever-expanding terrains of live improvisation. Blitz is an all-out attack of precise movement, ecstatic sound and visceral dance.

My approach to this work is to harness the fugacious, platonic and fleeting moments of pleasure in dance. The arresting sound compositions of Nicolas Jaar kick off this party and celebration of joy. I am working to prolong the juncture when choreography becomes sensual – exploring dance as pleasure, dance as a selfish cathartic action, crucial in this day and age of fleeting connections amongst one another.

A visual essay on the subject of Hope. ONWARDS articulates an abstract movement language in which the dancers explore different approaches to hope, building as well as destroying emotional states that become a common language to the ensemble. Commissioned by NAFA for Crossings 2016.

Skin – A choreographic response is Ezekiel’s Oliveira choreographic response to Sonic Encounter, an artwork by Zulkifle Mahmod. An invitation for the audience to engage with the conceptual discourse through dance, mapping out choreography that unravels what is initially not tangible, distance. As a counterpoint to Zulkifle’s work, Ezekiel’s choreography explores the ‘score’ that exists in the artwork as hidden choreography. The movement of dance brings forth the negative space between the soundscapes: the un-sensed in – between.

 Following performances in September and facing the terrible Haze circumstances in October, we decided to take ‘Casa’ into the streets of Singapore and perform it outside Marina Bay Sands – editing the material from a traditional stage into a dance film.