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Mission and Business

Our mission for contemporary dance in Singapore

FiveLines makes contemporary dance is business. Our mission, developmental focus and creative output are driven by the desire to bring the pleasure and importance of dance to people.

We write about dance and live art. We bear witness to the work of artists whose works disappear, lodged into the memories of the performers and viewers. We believe that reading critics’ words conjures an impression of live works that is different from multimedia recordings. An important form of documentation and archive, we write about dance and live art, to contribute to the development of culture.

By thinking and writing about dance and live art in an accessible way, we open new windows into the work of creators. We see dance writing, viewing, and reading as essential to a holistic dance education – for artists, dancers, audiences, students, and enthusiasts.

Our aim is to reach the community and enable curiosity in contemporary dance through our articles and reviews about dance. We are located in Singapore, and are networked internationally.