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A Contemporary Dance Initiative
  • Through our creative dance residencies, we give young people access to dance training, led by professional dance artists at the forefront of their practice. Our contemporary dance programmes are delivered to universities and international schools through ‘artist in residence’ and through our community outreach programmes, developed to specific briefs.
  • Supporting dance festivals, dance companies and performances with the distribution of content via our website and social media channels to bring dance closer to new audiences providing in-depth articles and videos to the public, promoting debate and appreciation for contemporary dance choreography.
  • Providing consultative support to dance companies and venues: industry relevant marketing strategy, audience development (public segmentation, distribution and acquisition of new and existing audiences.) Developing strategies to drive the development of contemporary dance festivals to audiences of all ages and segments.
  • FiveLines connects and partners with artists from multiple creative disciplines such as filmmakers, writers, researchers and dramaturges. Enabling a new channel for contemporary dance specialists that graduate each year locally and want an opportunity to professionalise their skills in Singapore through our creative performance projects and dance residencies.
  • A focused objective to create and produce collaborative dance work with national and international dance artists in Singapore. Advancing the dance industry in Singapore through our online publication with exclusive interviews with contemporary dance choreographers from abroad as well as from Singapore. Essays and opinion pieces on the current landscape of choreography as well as a platform to preview and critique dance work through our blog.
    In 2017 FiveLines extends its online platform to new writers and industry specialists to contribute with unique points of view on the ecology of the dance scene in Singapore and abroad. FiveLines produces choreographic work and dance-based work with partners, for live events and across a range of media.