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Curatorial – 2016/17

Dance Classes in Singapore

Curatorial platform accesses new dance work 

For our coming season, we have decided to produce the artist in residence and creative director in a sequence of collaborations with fellow artists from Singapore. The focus for the season is collaborative work that expands the horizons of the artists in co-production, generating as well as presenting new contemporary dance in unusual locations.  In the current climate of contemporary dance, it is important to enable multi-discipline performance. Ezekiel Oliveira seeks inspiration from the visual, literary and sound arts and finds value in responding to trends that develop in parallel avenues of the creative art forms.

2015 – The first work
Produced by FiveLines and choreographed by Ezekiel Oliveira took place at Singapore Art Museum.

Skin – A choreographic response is Ezekiel’s Oliveira choreographic response to Sonic Encounter, an artwork by Zulkifle Mahmod. An invitation for the audience to engage with the conceptual discourse through dance, mapping out choreography that unravels what is initially not tangible, distance. As a counterpoint to Zulkifle’s work, Ezekiel’s choreography explores the ‘score’ that exists in the artwork as hidden choreography. The movement of dance brings forth the negative space between the soundscapes: the un-sensed in – between.

2015  – Our second work was a commission from Maya Dance Theatre to develop a brand new dance work to be performed at CityLights, a program supporting SG50, that celebrates the inclusiveness and history of Singapore, through dance. For this occasion – Ezekiel prepared a new duet that was premiered on the 6th of September 2015.

Following the performances in September and facing the terrible Haze circumstances in October, we decided to take ‘Casa’ into the streets of Singapore and perform it outside Marina Bay Sands – editing the material from a traditional stage into a dance film.

 2016 –  brings a new commission by Nafa for Crossings – 2016. ONWARDS

A visual essay on the subject of Hope. ONWARDS articulates an abstract movement language in which the dancers explore different approaches to hope, building as well as destroying emotional states that become a common language to the ensemble.

The Future

The first is a collaboration with the celebrated Singaporean writer Yi-Sheng.

Ng Yi-Sheng’s last boy was awarded the Singapore Literature Prize in 2008, making him the youngest poet ever to receive the distinction. Judges praised the rich, unexpected imagery and emotional honesty of this slim collection of 34 poems, and aficionados of local writing still enjoy the text. Yet, for some readers, the density of symbols and cultural references in the work makes it appear alienating and self-indulgent.

We propose to present a choreographic/confessional performance of the text that decodes and reinterprets the poems. The key to this treatment will be the collaboration of two creative minds: that of the poet himself, and that of the Singapore-based Portuguese contemporary choreographer Ezekiel Oliveira.

The second half of 2016 brings a new site-sensitive contemporary dance choreography to a museum in Singapore. With a cast of 6 dancers and live music, Ezekiel will be taking residency at a different venue in Singapore, making choreography that responds directly to the environment, specifically architecture.

Throughout these projects, we strive to hire young dance artists to collaborate with us and perform contemporary dance choreography.